e-Learning Modules have transitioned to AHEC!


Expert Preceptors Build Expert Nurses

Remember when you were a new nurse? Did you have an expert preceptor to guide your entry into practice? We hope so.

We’ve built a series of online e-Learning modules to assist preceptors with their role development. Preceptors fulfill a critical role in maintaining patient safety, development of nurse competence and confidence in the workplace, and nurse retention. We invite you to explore our online modules and consider their value for yourself, your staff and quality of patient care.

The benefits of the Nursing Preceptor Success Program:

  • Builds expert preceptors 
  • Builds new nurse confidence and competence 
  • Improves nurse retention
  • Enhances the on-boarding experience for new nurses
  • Meets educational goals with ANCC credits

Free simulated scenarios

Please follow the LINK to access the Simulated Scenarios on the AHEC website. The new simulated scenarios were designed as additional learning tools by integrating the basic preceptor role concepts presented in the Preceptor Success e-Learning Modules into simulated scenarios. The specific topics presented in the Simulated Scenarios include:

  • Response to Adverse Events, Inter-professional Communication
  • Prioritization of Care, Generational Differences
  • Patient-centered Care and Patient Safety.

Preceptor Cue cards

Tri-fold pocket size cue cards containing important information from the modules (e.g. SBAR, close loop communication, R.A.C.E.S., etc.) will be sent to each individual completing all three modules.  These cards are made possible through generous grants from Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation and The Duke Endowment.
Download your FREE cue card here >